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If you’re looking for a business opportunity to start a modern, state of the art halal meat franchise we have what you’re looking for and more. What we need from you is your commitment and passion to business that we will together turn into success. Running a butcher store is not an easy task, there are many obstacles starting from procurement of halal meat to selling it to customers through well trained butchers proficient in customer services. You’ll get complete training and know how about how to run store and what to expect during day to day operations of business so you can hit the ground running and grow your business quickly and easily. We will guarantee you full support and back up to run things smoothly with peace of mind.

What we need from you

  • Investment amount
  • Your commitment to success
  • Ability to learn and acquire knowledge
  • Drive to build successful brand in your market
  • A real entrepreneurial thinking and passion
  • Past business experience
  • Leadership and motivational skills

Why Ni'mat

Ni’mat has established a new trend of excellence with success in Halal meat sector at an unprecedented scale with proven business model. We guarantee quality and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We insure our meat is purely halal with complete traceability and sold in hygienic environment. Halal meat consumers are in need stores from where they can buy quality halal meat with 100% satisfaction. If you buy halal meat you would know that there aren’t that many stores that have good standards. We provide quality and satisfaction to our customers.

Why Halal

Halal meat sector has great untapped potential. Over 15% of all meat sold in UK is halal. It is estimated that UK will have 5.6m Muslims consumers by 2030 out of which over 90% will consume Halal Meat. Halal meat sector is ever growing and a multi-million-pound industry.

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